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The enemy may sharpen his sword,
He may bend his bow and take aim,
But the weapons he prepares will kill himself,
His arrows turn into firebrands,
Look at him pregnant with wickedness,
Jah is my light and my salvation, whom need I fear,
Jah is the fortress of my  life, of whom should I be afraid .....
Jah Rastafari

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Welcome!, Blessings And Jah Guidance to all, Rastafari, Haile I Selassie I The 1st, King Of Kings, Lord Of lords, And Conquering Lion Of Judah, Jahhhh.Peace, Love, And Unity My People, Bless A~nd Welcome To My Humble Offerings of Jah Enlightenment between your Ear holes, through to your brain, and down to the roots of your soul.The enemy may sharpen his sword,He may bend his bow and take aim,But t... Read More

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